Patient Focused Product Platform

Our innovative multi-product platform brings novel amnion derived powder, hydrogel and aerosol product candidates to market. Using a unique patented technology containing amnion membrane, the effective ready-to-use products are easy to produce, store and apply to wounds to accelerate wound closure and re-epithelialization of severe burns.

There are an estimated 500,000 burns treated in the United States each year and medical costs for burn treatments approaches $2 billion per year.

Patients who suffer from burn wounds benefit from rapid chronic wound and severe burn treatments that accelerate wound healing and result in complete closure and protection of the wounds.

XCELL BIOLOGIX™  Hydrogel Product Candidate

XCELL BIOLOGIX’ Amnion Membrane Technology (“XCELL AMT”)

Amniotic membrane patches have been implemented as dressings for skin wounds for many years. However, application of freeze-dried or cryopreserved patches (amnion-based or artificial grafts) is not optimal for the many wounds that are irregularly-shaped and/ or of variable depth.

To address this problem, a novel protocol was developed for formulating superior amniotic membrane preparations, which can be used independently, or combined with a number of materials for deposition over wounds, the XCELL AMT. XCELL AMT contains cytokines, extracellular matrix (ECM) ECM-associated proteins and other factors that are known to promote wound healing and modulate inflammatory responses.

The key differences between XCELL AMT and other products is that XCELL AMT is derived from mammalian amnion membrane that is complete with all cells and ECM present, so it contains many factors that would be lost following decellularization. XCELL AMT does not contain live cells which can cause an immunologic response. Further, the use of an ECM rich solution has advantages over products in the form of sheets/ patches of amnion membrane in the ability to fill irregular and deep wounds.

XCELL BIOLOGIX™ Hydrogel Product Candidate

Studies have demonstrated the potential of XCELL BIOLOGIX™ hydrogel product candidate to function as a delivery vehicle that support the release of stem cell-derived paracrine factors, thereby increasing their therapeutic effectiveness in wound healing. Data also showed reduced contraction and improved blood vessel development in regenerating tissue.

The XCELL BIOLOGIX™ hydrogel product candidate is a ready-to-use novel amnion membrane-derived product that has been developed, and processed to result in a solubule solution, while maintaining high concentrations of cell-derived cytokines and growth factors. Of note, this process does not remove cells from the amniotic membrane, but in fact keeps all cellular and extracellular components, albeit in a solubilized form.

The XCELL BIOLOGIX™ hydrogel product candidate is manufactured with a patented technology using XCELL AMT combined with the carrier hyaluronic acid (HA) hydrogel, resulting in an effective product that is easy to produce, store and apply to wounds to accelerate wound closure and re-epithelialization. The hydrogel product candidate is under investigational use and not commercially available.

Peer reviewed scientific research has shown benefits of amnion derived products include:

  • provides a matrix for cellular migration and proliferation

  • promotes increased healing and enhancement of the wound healing process

  • is non-immunogenic

  • reduces inflammation

  • reduces scar tissue

  • has antibacterial properties

  • reduces pain at the site of application

  • provides a natural biological barrier

  • contains a number of essential growth factors and cytokines